Are We Spending Too Much Time Together?

Posted: 7 October 2008 in observations, queerlife

Well sure, we’ve always spent a lot of time together.  I’d rather be with my wife more than anyone else.  For one, she’s hot.  She’s alternately cuddly and funny.  She’s capable and smart.  Who wouldn’t want to spend time with my wife?  We haven’t built up a bank of single friends – not that they are single, but that the person is either her friend or mine.  We do have several left over from other stages in life, times when we weren’t all consumed with each other, but we haven’t really added on more.  Before you click off in protest, I realize that this post is oozy and sticky sweet.  I’ve got something for you.  Here:

She – “When we go to Vegas, let’s hire a prostitute.  She can do our laundry.”
Me – “Our laundry?”
She – “Well, they’re legal there.”

Oh yes, dear reader, that happened.  Points for laughing.  Now, this is not to say that my wife isn’t still lovestruck (she is).  But when the words “prostitute” and “laundry” occur in the same sentence, you’ve got to wonder what you’re doing differently. 

Today, we had breakfast together.  We rode to work together.  We went to the gym together.  We drove home together.  We house-shopped together.  We went to the dog park together.  We ate supper together. 

You can guess what’s next.  This is not to say I don’t adore my wife (I do).  But I do wonder if we’re spending too much time together.  But one thing I’m not?  Sick of her.  That’s why she’s my wife.

  1. rye says:

    Awww! Who defines how much time is “too much time?” If you’re both happy spending your time together, then by all means – do!

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