Sibling Rivalry

Posted: 15 October 2008 in bitter old woman, observations

Just today, I exchanged friendly greetings with the bodybuilder in the gym who just happened to have checked out the key to the very locker next to mine.  In a gym with a few hundred lockers, this seemed like an inconvenience the staff didn’t have to inflict on us, but we happily worked it out 😉 and moved on to the gym.  I was nearly finished returning myself to librarian status when she returned from her (no doubt much more physically taxing bodybuilder workout) and we traded smiles and “have a good day”s as I left.  This is proof that exercise make you happy.  My current migraine and irritation only prove that the happiness can’t withstand the terrible and awesome power of my sister.

I’ve got two you know, sisters, and perhaps it’s the age difference, or a karmic repayment, but I just can’t seem to let the things that should just flit by in the wind go past without them flying directly into my teeth and eyes and getting bug guts all over me.  That’s right, I just compared my sister to the moth on my grill.  What does that say about me?

I have a litany of reasons for this.  She married a deadbeat.  I can’t believe there are still such things in the post-Al Bundy, sixties, caveman days, but she found one and married him.  There are many other problems with him besides the general in-law bit – but every time I start to name them the list gets long and pedantic and really, I’m over him – it’s more my sister we’re talking about here. She lets her inferiority complex stop her. She has an inferiority complex.  She leaves her children with my mother endlessly.  She takes too much money.  She takes advantage recklessly.

Some of these qualities I would commend in another person.  Someone who borrows extravagantly but always and charmingly pledges to pay it back (whether or not they do).  Someone who values a grandparent’s time with children without taxing them.  Someone who works three jobs to support her family because her husband is off doing good works.  Someone who drama queens over her sisters’ achievements rather than refusing to recognize them.  Someone who knows how to leverage her parents so adeptly and so sweetly that no one even notices how capably she’s taken over.  Instead, my sister stomps around like a ten year old trapped in a thirty year old’s life, tantrums and whining refrain included.

I could detail the latest for you but I’d probably hate myself later.  Suffice to say that I should have stopped expecting she’d grow out of it a long time ago.  I thought grown-up were supposed to love their siblings unconditionally but apparently, it’s harder than it looks.

  1. rye says:

    I’m so sorry about the taxing relationship between you and your sister … but I totally laughed out loud at the moth on the grill comparison!

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