Smack into Fall

Posted: 2 November 2008 in Charlottesville, other folks

This was a weekend steeped in football.  New York and Buffalo.  Dallas and New York.  Washington tomorrow.  We didn’t join a fantasy game this year, which makes a day of pro games somewhat less entertaining, but we made up for it by making pizza and drinking beer.  How very middle America of us.  I’m expecting Palin to knock on the door at any minute. 

Yesterday, we had to contend with college football.  We didn’t watch much of it, but when UV plays at home you can’t escape the ripple effect.  We thought we had planned it well.  We timed a visit to a vintage apple festival to coincide with the middle of the third, hoping that by the time we were on our way back, we’d have missed the bulk of the traffic.  Unfortunately, we underestimated the power of a one road town and overestimated our vintage apple excitement.  Not to say that the apple festival wasn’t fun.  There were apple tinged delicacies of all types – cider, butter, jam, caramel apples, cider pulled pork, apples with wine and cheese – and a host of apple brands particular to Virginia.  We tried the Albemarle Pippin (tart, sharp and sweet) and the Black Twig (earthy and rough) but preferred the Virginia Gold (crisp, sweet and juicy).  However, without a stack of pies to be made, sauces to be churned or butter to be jarred, I just didn’t have the motivation to walk away with crates and crates of apples like my neighbors.

Done sooner than we expected, we zipped home and loaded the dog into the car to head to the park.  The ten minute drive became 40 before we were able to extract ourselves from the hoards of homecoming revelers.  The dog park is another story entirely – suffice to say we have met the first unfriendly Charlottesville residents at the park.  So here’s to football.  Here’s to apples.  And points for being nice to strangers, even if you do think you’re that much better.

  1. linaria says:

    apple season is well over here, has been for a few weeks…but we got in a good last hurrah (on a good year, pick your own ends with 1/2 off drops–anything you find under the tree that’s still ‘good enough’ is stupid cheap) and about twenty jars of:

    spiced apples and raisins
    brandied apples

    plus bags of dried apples, frozen apple slices…

    thankfully we did not have to contend with football season as we are just not as crazy about such things here as I think Southerners are.

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