Democracy is Delicious

Posted: 4 November 2008 in bitter old woman, propaganda, queerlife

D. accused me of being an excitement dampener today.  She even pretended her arm was an excitement meter and every time it passed over me made dreadful buzzing sounds.  It’s true, I suppose.  I’m politically pessimistic in a wholly optimistic household.  

It’s not that I’m not excited about this “historic” event.  I am.  A senator will be elected for the first time since JFK.  A woman could be vice president.  An African-American could be president.  While I believe every election is historic, in that it impacts history irrevocably, I agree that this one is obviously so.  On the other hand, I think I’m entitled to wish the candidates had more to offer.  I realize that’s controversial, especially among the Obama-humping set (continue humping, I agree that he’s the better choice), but I wish I had more confidence that he could guarantee my rights.

Before you write to tell me how WRONG I am, let me assure you that I agree, McCain surely couldn’t do any better.  But being a democrat doesn’t certify you’ll make smart, gay-positive, woman-positive decisions. There is no promise that you won’t horse trade my rights in exchange for the children (or the whales, or the Spotted Golden Tick).  Not to mention that it hurt not to vote for one of the women on the ballot today (qualifications do still count for something.)  I would desperately like to see a woman break through the ultimate political glass ceiling – a similar sentiment I suspect to those fervently hoping Obama will do the same.  

In the end, I want the right person for this country and so I agree with you but I also want the right forward movement for my family.  I’m not seeing it as clearly as I’d like.  There’s no perfect solution.  I’ve met John McCain and he was incredibly nice and smart.  (Yes, I know you’ve met Obama and he is all those things and handsome! and he has a green thumb!  and he is made of gold!)  But you can imagine why I’m the excitement downer around here.  I’m tired of being a horse trade.  Worse, I’m tired of not having the same rights you have.  

Pessimism aside, I love getting to cast a vote.  I appreciate corporations’ efforts to get people out there that might not otherwise take advantage of this right (my ice cream was delicious, thank you).  And I love the impetus for change.  There you go.  I agree with you.

  1. linaria says:

    Yes, I feel similarly. Everybody at work is happy today, but I feel sort of underwhelmed. I had a feeling it would go this way when I understood the campaigns chose not to focus on the marriage question, and I realize that progress is made in fits and starts and never all at once…but I’m sad.

  2. backlist says:

    I’m sad too. No one person is a miracle cure – especially not when such a critical issue was left to the wayside…on purpose. But, I’m hopeful that the climate will warm to the possibility of change.

  3. linaria says:

    hmmm. what do you think of this?

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