Posted: 5 November 2008 in triptastic

If you were planning a trip to see my sister get married (the perfect one) in Sedona, Arizona in the spring and you knew my Very Vocal Mother would be there along with several other relatives of dubious character, would you:

a) Fly in via Vegas and either drown your sorrows in slots or in sweeping views of canyons and national parks;
b) Drive over with the dog planning to spend only a couple days with the rest of them;
c) Fly directly in and support my sister for a week while staying in a large suite and going to the spa; or,
d) Make it as short and sweet as possible while planning a visit to San Francsco with my wife in the summer.

Square your answer by my love of fog and divide it by my mother.  What’d you get?  Something good I hope!

  1. linaria says:

    Most definitely d). That way if it’s awful, you have something good to look forward to, and if it’s great, you have an awesome year.

  2. Christine GV says:

    If your sister needs to know where the good vortexes are, let me know. We were married in front of a very powerful one in Red Rock state park… or so we were told:)

  3. backlist says:

    I’m afraid my sister might frighten the energy right back into the vortex if it so much as disturbed her gown. I’d love to check it out though!

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