Storing Up for Winter

Posted: 6 November 2008 in Charlottesville, joy, work

I had a frozen moment today.  The sort where you simply stop and take it in for a few minutes.  It was warm for November and I had the luxury of standing in the sunlight without a jacket while the leaves were both still golden and on the trees.  The red brick libraries frame a busy pedestrian area and the students are still relaxed in the days before the reality of finals hits.  The warm weather was slowing everyone down a bit – less like humid slugs and more like lazy cats.  Some visiting group of twelve-year-olds was killing each other with a bit of Red Rover, but they were far enough away that the shrill shouts were happy and muted.  In front of me on a spray of benches some students were deep into a choreography workshop.  Bill T. Jones is doing a week long residency at the University and little groups, dancers and not, are taking advantage of the event.  This small group was whirring as steadily as a clock, each one an individual gear spinning into the next and triggering another series of movements.  I watched them long enough to see the the movement sent back through the group again randomly and seamlessly.  Bill T. Jonesspecializes in collaborative and accessible dance and performance (often in public spaces) and I don’t think I was impressed until just that moment.  I felt calm and a little thrilled – like I was unexpectedly watching a fully formed piece of theatre.

I’ll stop there – it’s as long as the moment lasted.  The richness of today is sustaining and will take me well into winter.

  1. linaria says:

    some years ago I met Bill T Jones and was overwhelmingly taken with him–it was just a second, at a big event, but he was so personable and the performance was so charged and graceful and I don’t know, hybrid…it was amazing.

    thanks for letting me read about your good moment. now I think I have a little bit of it too.

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