Posted: 10 November 2008 in Charlottesville, Food

Have I mentioned that a year and a half in dog years is not old enough to lie. down. already. and. stop. biting?  Well, it isn’t.  And now that we are wholly into daylight savings time, there are no parks to take the dog to and run his energy into the ground.  We’ve had to get more inventive about how we spend our evenings in an effort to get some peace.

Since he’s a good dog when we’re cooking or eating, we decided to cook more elaborate dinners (since we can’t spend more hours simply eating.  Preferably cake.)  Tonight featured grilled zucchini and chicken kabobs with yogurt sauce on homemade and buttered pita.  We tried to spend as much time eating it as we spent making it, in order to stretch the peace a little longer.  This is how we learned that we don’t know much about Greece.

It can be quiet at our table (see: Are We Spending Too Much Time Together?) and so we tried to make conversation about Greek things.  I started with the Isle of Lesbos but then couldn’t remember the name of that town filled with white buildings on the blue, blue sea.  We decided not to visit unless we learned Greek.  Neither of us want to learn Greek.  She countered with Ouzo.  We speculated that it was made of anise but didn’t know what “Opa!” meant.  We remembered Sappho but couldn’t think of other Greek poets and so moved on to Aristotle and Socrates.  I mentioned the Socratic Method and she described the way her nephew employed it perfectly during breakfast.  We chatted about the pros and cons of Greek.  Things degenerated from there.

On the whole, the dog was much quieter and our bellies were much fuller.  Tomorrow we employ the slow cooker and will attempt to center a conversation around pot roast.  Hmmm.


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