Work Wife

Posted: 13 November 2008 in joy, other folks, work

You know that person at work who you look forward to seeing?  It’s not a crush, more a source of delight.  If that person goes on vacation you wilt a little, it’s the thing that makes the hard days easier, the good days more fun. 

I usually end up with a work husband and, although my wife thinks that makes me just a little more straight, I think it means I work with a lot of men.  My latest work wife (who is actually a man) left for vacation today and I’ll miss his daily updates about the stock market rising (and crashing) despite my utter disinterest.  Mostly though, his absence reminds me of my other work wives. 

D., packed with piss and vinegar, would holler over to me through the cubicle wall, sheepishly apologizing if I was in a meeting.  Angry Bob provided instant humor, despite his smouldering rage.  But when it comes down to it, I miss my most recent work wife.  Off in Albania, Nitro provided humor and excitement, no matter the terrible working conditions.  What am I saying here?  Just, I miss you.


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