Happy Thanksgiving

Posted: 27 November 2008 in Food, other folks

It’s so nice not to travel this year.  You’ll remember that last year, we embarked on a drive across the country in November.  We braved the northern states just before snow plowed them under in order to visit my family, most of which has inexplicably decided to moved to the middle of nowhere.  In years before that, we’ve spent Thanksgiving in a beach house on the Outer Banks (braving an out of season hurricane), in tiny houses with stoves that either overcooked or undercooked the feast, and in my case, in various foreign countries eating cobbled together meals featuring non-Thanksgiving delicacies, like lobster or guava paste.  I’m still looking forward to that moment when Thanksgiving takes place in our own house, not a rented apartment or townhouse, something that we’ve loved and decorated and planned for.  Maybe next year.

This year family is coming to us.  A small bit of family, just my sister and her fiance, but it still means that they’re traveling and we don’t have to.  I’m looking forward to making the house warm with cooking and wafting one scent after another out into the living room to tempt.  There will certainly be football. And there will be turkey.  But mostly, there will be me in the kitchen with an apron and hands full of flour, turning out rolls, chopping onions and tying string around fragrant herbs to stuff into that turkey.

When having guests, I like to make sure I’ve incorporated at least one of their family food traditions (a risky undertaking when you consider requests for shrimp etouffee and steaming lasagna).  Since we’ll only be four, there were fewer traditions to incorporate this year and all appear to be manageable.  There will be yams with marshmallows that will glisten both with butter and sticky sweet threads.  There will be cans of jellied cranberries since, despite my early efforts to woo my family with actual berries, they still covet the canned log.  There will be stuffing (wet) and stuffing (dry) although the stuffing (patties) are on hiatus this year.  There will be fresh, soft rolls in a basket covered with a towel.  There will be crisp green beans that snap when you bite them, sharp with lemon and garlic, and a tray stacked with olives and green onions for munching throughout.  Whether or not there is stuffing (in the turkey) remains the final question and one in which, if I have my way, the answer will be no.

I hope you’re having something good.

  1. Stuffing patties. Hmm. Sounds like breakfast, with a fried egg on top. You are a genius.

    I finally broke my family of the habit of canned jelly, and now they will actually eat sauce with berries and other dried fruits. I’m lucky.

    Hope your day was full of good things, and not just the food, which sounds great.

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