Posted: 1 December 2008 in Food, joy, other folks

I realize there has been a lot of talk about food around here lately.  That’s not totally unlike my life, actually.  I think that if my body could afford it, cooking would be my hobby.  (Update: still no hobby.)  Recently we’ve had a beautiful teriyaki glazed salmon, bread fresh from the oven and, of course, a crispy, brown, juicy turkey.  Considering I’m not a fan of roast turkey, this year’s edition turned out just fine.  Complicated recipes and multi-dimensional flavor left aside, last night’s meal was the best I’ve had lately. 

D boiled the pasta and we ate sauce from a jar, hastily warmed and undoctored.  There was a heaping green salad studded with tomatoes and cucumbers and a loaf of store-bought french bread.  I can’t remember the last time I willingly ate sauce I hadn’t made, bread I hadn’t cooked, salad I enjoyed.  I wasn’t even drinking – except for a crisp clean glass of water.  I have no idea what made the dinner so good.  Maybe it’s because it was easy.  Or maybe it’s because it was my sister’s last night here.  The kitchen was warm, the conversation easy, the set-up and clean-up shared.

I can’t think of a warmer welcome for December.


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