The Scents of Winter

Posted: 15 December 2008 in Food, joy, other folks, queerlife

Today a gay male coworker mentioned that I smelled good.  I was struck by two things.  First, it’s nice to be complimented by a man.  There are lots of women in my life (all of whom know how to dole out the occasional compliment) but there just aren’t many men in my life.  Since none of those men are trying to woo me, compliments are few and far between.  Second, I’m not aware that I smell like anything at all.  True, I put on perfume every morning, but I can’t smell it after awhile and I assume no one else can either. Yes, I know this isn’t true and no, I don’t put on more just in case so that I smell like a stinking heap of flowered shit.

Back to the compliment.  I had just come from running up the stairs eating a piece of toffee.  I assumed he enjoyed that I smelled sweet, like candy.  Caramelizing sugar is one of the smells that calls holiday to me.  If I could arrange it, I would arrange for my clothes and hair to frequently smell of vanilla and toffee during December.  Other smells of winter?  Drying winter coats (ick) and that sharp, cold smell right before it snows (mmm).  In the end though, he just liked the smell of my perfume, no doubt triggered by the haul up the stairs.

You’re right, he wouldn’t have known what exactly the smell was if he hadn’t delicately sniffed my wrist.  If he hadn’t requested to delicately sniff the inside of my wrist.  After ascertaining that yes, that was the smell, and after I mentioned the name, Hypnotic, he had the decency to blush.


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