Windows in Winter

Posted: 17 December 2008 in joy, observations, you've got to be kidding

One of the worst things that happens to me?  Every? Single? Year?  It gets too cold to leave the windows open.  I leave them open as long as I can, heat resolutely off, even as the leaves fall off the trees and frost forms on the grass.  I realize this is unbearable to the rest of you (or at least D) so sometime between foggy breath in the air and iced over puddles, I reluctantly agree to shut the windows.

And then the suffering begins.  I roll around, gnashing my teeth, convinced I can’t breathe, as the air gets more and more stifling.  Nothing moves, no eddies, no hints of firewood burning.  There’s a hermetically sealed barrier between me and the ability to thrive.  Thank goodness I don’t wilt in winter light, I’d have died by now.  As it is, you’ll just find me pressed against the pane like a gaping fish, sucking for new, fresh oxygen.

D is unrelenting and, really, it’s too cold, until sometime in early spring.  And then she is patient while I throw  blankets and extra socks at her until she stops complaining about the icy air creeping around her lungs.  I wait for that moment.  That perfect morning where the the sun is warm even over the hard ground and barren branches.  There will be a few weeks of D shutting windows and me opening them and then we’ll reach an equilibrium of fresh air and warmth.  For what it’s worth, I have the same problem in the heat of summer.  I just like to have the windows open.

But now it’s the middle of December and the windows are wide open.  There is no cure for the smell of what happened here last night.  The fumes rising from the carpet can only be fixed by fresh air and so I’m freezing (without D to demand sanity in shutting the sash).  But at least the smell is…less.  The dog seems to be feeling better though.  Or, he could be frozen to the wet carpet.


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