Crazy Carousel

Posted: 19 December 2008 in therapy

I suppose it isn’t a great sign when the brand new therapist says, 10 minutes into the conversation, “Let me recommend a psychiatrist.”  Subtext, “Your crazy is so evident, I can’t not say something, sort of like the spinach hanging from your front tooth or the toilet paper dangling from your skirt.”

It wasn’t a complete surprise.  I don’t think anyone is completely sane all the time and I’m certain I wasn’t born with the advantage.  I’ve got enough genetic crazy that I didn’t really need situational add ons to send me over.  So not a surprise, and not all bad.  At least I’ll get an answer that doesn’t begin with “You’ll compromise your security clearance if…”  Good riddance, that.  Funny how it’s still worrisome if you’ve sought mental health care but they don’t ask if you’re a habitual liar.  i guess the answer to that would be no, in any case, right?

So back to the therapist after the new year and off to someone who is likely to ask me questions like “Do you drive too fast?”, “Spend money impulsively?”, “Wish to drop a toaster in the tub?” and so forth.  I know, fun times.  I have to admit, I suddenly feel a bit odd talking about this turn of events but I’m unlikely to stop doing it.  So you’ve met me and I seemed sane, well, isn’t it fun to know I’m as multidimensional as you are?  I only wish I had a handle on it like you do.

  1. Meagan says:

    I don’t think sanity exists anyway. If we were able to look at the world with complete sanity we’d all go crazy if you see what I mean. Glad you’re getting help if you need it, just look out for drug-happy shrinks… a lot of them hand out pills like candy when it’s not the best solution.

    • backlist says:

      I wish I knew the best solution! I’m beginning to wonder if it is drugs, but then I think I’m crazy and then…well you can see where that’s going. Cross your fingers for me!

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