In the Bathtub? Seriously?

Posted: 20 December 2008 in bitter old woman, you've got to be kidding

As if we haven’t had enough animal problems this week…

I came home after work and ran upstairs to change.  I heard a slight scratching of claws on plastic and the cat came bolting out of the bathroom.  Cringing, I looked inside – no stain on the carpet, and the standing shower looked ok.  Later, I’m in the other bathroom doing laundry and I glanced over at the tub.  In the tub is the same cat, whiskers twitching, taking an enormous dump in my bathtub.  Aghast, I wonder if he was peeing in the shower earlier.

You can’t exactly yell at your cat but it’s apparent that he isn’t a fan of the litter switch.  He really isn’t a fan.

It’s the bathtub!  Bah!  But at least it wasn’t the carpet.

  1. meloukhia says:

    Hey, better the bathtub than the carpets!

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