Happy Belated Solstice

Posted: 22 December 2008 in joy

I love the shortest day of the year.  Sometime in October, I start waiting for it, knowing that the good days are coming back, not too long now, just a few more weeks.  It doesn’t matter that December is ages away or that February is notoriously miserable, longer days or not.  It’s so nice to know that no matter the weather, no matter the cold or rain or miserable, dragging, heap of steaming pain that is January and February, I’m getting extra time.  Today sucked?  Tomorrow I’ll have another minute to make things better.  Dark this morning?  Tomorrow a few more seconds of light.  Fight with the wife?  Not in my extra time tomorrow, no way.  Forgot the milk?  No worries, more time tomorrow!  Really, there is nothing at all bad about the shortest day of the year.  It means things aren’t going to get any worse.

You’d think I would have a conversely bad feeling about the summer solstice, but in fact, I like it just as much.  Who can argue with hours of sunlight and warmth, more time than you know what to do with, plenty of moments to live, screw up and make mistakes all over again and still end the day on a high note.  There’s no excuse for living less than perfectly on the summer solstice, you’ve got oodles of time to make it right.  The day after the summer solstice is a different story, but on one of the the shortest days of the year, I don’t have time to waste moaning about it.

So let’s take advantage of the long nights while we can (we certainly are).  points for enjoying the extra minute of light.

  1. Here comes the sun, a little bit more each day. The plants on my windowsill and countertop stretch and rejoice. Let the sunshine in!

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