Top Five 2008

Posted: 31 December 2008 in observations, other folks, queerlife, work

I’m always surprised when I look at what gets the most action around here.  Inflatable old women, Adam Duritz, the best recipe for toffee.  2008 is less surprising, if only for the fact that my biggest changes were your biggest reads and my favorite things, yours.  If you’re new around here, here’s what the top point getters are looking at:

5.  First, Proposition 8.  2008.  Talk about polarizing; mostly me over here and the rest of you over there.  I’m deeply disappointed that it didn’t get resoundingly hollered down.  I’m even more disheartened with the aftermath; accusations that any one group of people was responsible, attempts to nullify existing marriages, and the quiet, steadfast support the nation has given to discrimination.  I’ll start cursing if I go further, but suffice to say, America, you can’t make this one up to me.

4.  Voodoo egg spells. 2006.  I’ve written very little about voodoo since and know practically nothing about it.  I’m not sure what so fascinating about my ’06 string of bad luck except possibly that a) it has stopped and b) I didn’t stop it with a voodoo egg spell. Why?  Why are you still reading this?

3.  Leaving the State Department. 2008.  Foreign Service Officers are a small network of folks, so it wasn’t a surprise that when I finally broke my silence and actually strung the words foreign, service, and officer together, I had to wade through the crowd.  I posted my resignation letter here.  It was something I worked hard on, ran past multiple sets of eyes and cried a good portion of tears over.  In fact, I’d say this single incident brought me more sadness than anything else this year.

2.  Who are you anyway? 2005.  My About page sees about as much action as…well…it isn’t important.  There’s also a password protected portion of this site under The Rest that sees a lot of activity.  I’m thinking of moving that sort of thing to a new home in 2009.

1.  Identity.  2008.  More on leaving a job, a life, a family.  I’m not over it yet, but I there’s nothing left to say.  This post still got more hits than any other this year.  It’s also a reflection of my own mental hits.  It wasn’t easy going from diplomacy to information science.  This identity is different one, a welcome one, but still, an unfamiliar one.  Here’s to getting to know myself better in 2009.


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