Nice Talking to You

Posted: 6 January 2009 in bitter old woman, writing

I was excited to write a post commemorating two months and some 60 days of posting nearly every day.  Also, two months of blissful, healthiness (headaches aside).  And suddenly, the tip of a cold and just wanting to curl up with the blankets over my head.

On the plus side, three of my posts were selected as the Best of Holidailies.  See what other folks liked in One Little Thing, Happy Belated Solistice, and No resolutions.  Probably.

So, if things are a bit quiet you’ll know it’s because I’m buried under something warm, wishing for spring.

  1. I sort of stumbled across your blog while link-surfing. I find your blog quite interesting, and I was wondering if you would mind if I added you to my blogroll? You’re not obligated to add me back, but you are welcome to.

  2. It’s…interesting. I am a big traveler, and I enjoy living overseas, but Korea is generally regarded as one of the most obnoxious countries to teach English in, due to a variety of factors. I often wish I had taken one of the positions in Turkey, Russia, or Slovenia that I was offered, but Korea has been a learning experience – mostly in patience and knowing when and now to put my foot down and not budge on something.

    I notice that you used to be an FSO. My S.O. is a former foreign service brat, and he has many stories from it. I’ve considered applying a couple times, but my background isn’t terribly strong, and I’d have to rely strongly on personal qualifications, I think.

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