Still. Sick.

Posted: 9 January 2009 in bitter old woman

Hi, sinuses?  Anytime you want to stop ripping out the roots of my teeth with your naked claws, I’d appreciate it.  Who needs to sleep anyway? 

In other news, I’m unreasonably delighted that it’s Friday.  It’s not like I need a vacation.  I haven’t been to work but once this week and that’s on the heels of several days off around New Years.  Normally, I dislike January so much that the weekends are almost an insult.  Here, have two perfectly good days with which you can do NOTHING because of the bitter cold and dry conditions.  Maybe if there were snow, ice, even sleet.  Maybe if we skied.  But instead it’s just two days of waiting for spring.  For whatever reason, I’m looking forward to this weekend.  Now, if only the creaking my sinuses would stop.

Points for evading the winter cold.


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