Living Correctly?

Posted: 1 February 2009 in Charlottesville, joy, other folks

Just as I was starting to melt down under house buying pressure, we’ve had some small successes that make it more bearable.  First, we survived the meeting with the mortgage broker.  A former college football coach, pics of kids and wife all over the office, trophies, etc. did not inspire hope that he would hand over a packet of money to two slightly hippy lesbians.  It turns out, he was delighted to hand over cash and I shouldn’t have judged him so outrageously.  He used a turn of phrase I’ve never heard before.  He said “For people like you, who have lived correctly…”  Lived correctly.  That’s a concept I can’t wrap my head around.  Let’s just go with this – there’s a right way?  A correct way?

The second success was the actual decision on a particular house.  Let me tell you, after seeing house after house yesterday, my split-second decisions paired with D’s careful weighing of options left us in a sucking hole of despair.  Each one had some perfectness to it, but none had the whole package.  Beautiful, sky blue dormers.  Charming can lighting in the ceiling.  Privately tucked off the street, up a hill.  A gorgeous, sun-blasted bedroom.  A garden that reflects my own mind – tangled, persistent.  Decks, hot tubs, remodeled kitchens.  But none of those things describe the one we fell for.

According to D, the thing this house has going for it is that it’s “sturdy”.  That’s like saying your girlfriend has a nice personality.  Or good teeth.  For me, the house has potential and that’s as satisfying as anything else.  But sturdy?  In the end, we decided that the house had clearly been living correctly and that’s why we liked it so much, despite its lack of cosmetic enhancements.

Here’s hoping the owners feel our offer has lived as correctly as we have.

  1. WKC says:

    Far as I can tell “living correctly” consists of 1. buying the right things 2. having money enough to afford them. But what do I know about living correctly?

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