Could We Just Get a Place to Live Already?

Posted: 2 March 2009 in Charlottesville, you've got to be kidding

We’ve been counting our chickens over here.  Oh, we’ve imagined how they’ll look when they hatch, all their pretty little feathers, their precious, baby tweets.  Unfortunately, in this case the chickens are our house and that omelet you smell is all the shattered dreams.

I suspect this is somehow karmic, but there isn’t much we can do now but ride it out.  In fact, it may be already over in a good way (don’t you hear those sweet chirps?) but I think I’m still a little shell-shocked.  Sorry, right.  More karma for that.

First we had to negotiate the home inspection.  Regular stuff I’m told.  Then the bank sent out the appraiser.  And then (the savvy among you have already pictured this, haven’t you) the house appraised for billions less than the asking price.  Well not billions, obviously, but enough to strike fear into the hearts of the realtors, bank and sellers.  I’ll save you the blinding detail and drama.  So we’ve spent a few agonizing weeks getting personally acquainted with the state of the economy and in the end, it looks like we might still have this particular house. 

But we’re exhausted.  House buying is stressful – who knew it would be this hard to spend money?  If we close, it’ll be mid-March so cross your fingers!

  1. Dylan says:

    Hmm. Buying a house in this economy is tough because the asking price/appraisal value are bound to be incompatible. The seller has a mortgage to cover, the buyer has a down turned economy to worry about… yuck! But! Being one of those people able to buy right now places you in a great position to really make your money back and potentially garner a HIGH profit if you stay there well past this recession.

    Good luck, I’m crossing my fingers.

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