He Who Walks Behind the Rows

Posted: 21 March 2009 in observations, other folks, propaganda

While watching Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998), I was struck by the wrinkles in the film.  Nearly all of the adult actors and actresses had worry wrinkles on their forehead and smile lines around their mouths.  At first I thought they looked funny, couldn’t quite place my finger on what didn’t look right, and then I realized, they looked normal. 

Normal people with signs of age, joy, happiness and sadness.  Eva Mendes is in the film and she looks ten years older than she does today, ten years later.  I don’t think I’d realized how different film and television stars look today in comparison.  No lines or circles, no dark patches or freckles.  Blank canvases for displaying emotion rather than evolving, living art. 

Mind you, this is an assessment of Children of the Corn V.  Children of the Corn V.  It’s no award winner (unlike my childhood favorite, Children of the Corn I) and likely didn’t have the need or budget to camouflage any flaws.  But I think I’d prefer to see a few more people who looked like me on screen.


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