It’s Not All Pretentious

Posted: 26 March 2009 in Charlottesville, writing

Perhaps my last post writing post sounded a little onery.  Maybe you were picturing a dim community college classroom and those little half desks made for right-handed by other right-handers with no respect for…sorry, got off a bit, didn’t I?

In fact, Charlottesville has an entire building devoted to writers.  They even named it WriterHouse.  I think of it as a gym membership for your writing muscles – for a subscription, you can have a place to write, like renting a creative only office space.  They’ve hung art and have a small warren of rooms in which folks can hone their craft.  It’s a welcoming place and I’ll miss the evenings there.

CVille is a writerly place.  It’s an art-heavy place in general.  Like a big city distilled into a little place, there seem to plenty of writers, artist and musicians running about.  It makes it feel more like home.

Speaking of home, our new one will have room for an office.  Maybe there will even be room on the desk to write.


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