Posted: 28 March 2009 in Charlottesville, House, observations

I should have realized when D. and I got married and she masterfully did all the flower design that I was going to be overwhelmed by interior decorating.  If it were up to me, I’d live in this house for a dozen years before I picked a paint color.  It isn’t that I’m indecisive.  I know exactly what I like when I see it.  I guess it’s a failure of imagination?  That would be a first, but it’s the only reasonable explanation I can come up with.  What color curtains?  Curtains or shades?  Shades or shutters?  White?  Cream?  Colors?

I suppose I could pick a few things.  For instance, I really do like a coffee-with-heavy-cream color in the living room.  I like it even better with white trim.  But the existing trim is a burnished wood color, original, varnished and matches all through the house.  When it comes to considering changing the color of the trim I freeze, wondering if I’ll regret it, if it will look funny done just in this room, etc.

We don’t have the cash to hire an interior designer (and have unconventional decor anyway) and D. has perfectly excellent taste.  Still, we’re stuck.  We put in a picket fence for the dog.  That’s one thing.  And I’m excited to work on the garden, though a bit overwhelmed by the where of it all.  I’m delighted to pick plants but have zero experience with landscape design.  I’m less intimidated by that though – my desire to plant is stronger than my fear of getting it wrong.  Besides, what pleases me is right, right?

  1. linaria says:

    Wait, you have wood trim, and you’re thinking of painting it white?

    Just my two cents, but I personally wouldn’t. But you know, there’s a lot of things to consider…

    1. Dusting. You might be different, but this is a primary concern for me. Painted trim is a pain to keep clean in an older house. Walls and ceilings shed, furniture sheds, people shed, pets shed–on white or cream paint, you will see it ALL. I’ll imagine this is a bigger problem in a 110 year old house (aka the one I live in currently) than in yours, but still. A matte varnish on wood does a much better job hiding dust than any kind of paint.

    2. Do you have a lot of time or a lot of money? I’ve heard it’s a huge pain to paint trim, and whoever did it in my current apartment really did a lousy job in some places. This may not be a convincing reason if you’re dedicated/obsessed enough;) but it’s something.

    3. Resell value. I’ll bet you are thinking you will never ever move. And maybe you won’t. But I’m the kind of paranoid where I’d be wondering about that. If your house has any kinda historic value and/or the trim is in original, good condition, this might be something to think about.

    4. You really can’t change your mind once it’s done. Or you can, but it ain’t easy.

    It’s your house of course and this is probably all my house lust speaking. But I’m just saying… millions of new homeowners around the country have lost thousands of dollars and many more brain cells on paint stripper and professionals trying to find out if their house has nice trim under all that paint.

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