God Biscuits

Posted: 31 March 2009 in Food, propaganda


I didn’t suppose you thought I was Catholic. 

Wait, if you did, I’d very much like to know why.

But D. has what sometimes appears to be a bottomless faith and through her, I’ve gotten to continue my love for the quiet spaces of churches and the peace of celebrating through song.  I’m still grappling with the fact that I’m more disappointed than she is that we won’t be able to attend the very ritualistic evening Easter mass at the gay catholic church in DC.  I also have a deep appreciation for chocolate eggs, but that doesn’t really disappear with the season.

Another thing D. has recently brought into my life is the hot cross bun.  She told me it was an easter related thing and I looked at the cross on the top and wondered if a person should actually eat it.  Wikipedia tells me though that these soft rolls are actually a pagan holdover and are not, actually,  god-biscuits.  Thank goodness.

They’re actually not bad, though a tiny bit like panettone or fruitcake.  It must be the candied bits.  I get the sneaking suspicion that we aren’t supposed to be eating them just yet, but having christened them with such irreverent terms as “Jesus Buns” I think it’s okay if we go ahead and munch them.


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