The Constant Spinach

Posted: 13 May 2009 in observations
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Another week of fresh veg, another week of spinach.  It has been raining every Wednesday for a month.  Rain every Wednesday means that the vegetables we pick up are dripping wet when we weigh them and stuff them into bags.  As we drive home, mossy, damp air settles into our noses.  It’s a peaceful earthy moment before we come home and start processing the packed bags.  Greens swimming in a sink of water, rooty veg scrubbed, wet things dried, dry things put away. 

The spinach was an easy answer this week – spinach, red pepper and feta quiche.  It’s a favorite standby for summers at our house.  Good hot or cold and perfect for warm evenings when you don’t feel like doing anything but sitting and talking.  The maple syrup was delicious on buckwheat pancakes.  We also brought home watercress and a tiny bit of cilantro both of which we’ve had trouble using.  Salsa is on the docket if the cilantro has survived (or if it appears again) and while I know watercress is high in vitamin c, I just don’t love it in salads.  We need an alternative dish.  Waiting to be used: giant spring onions – the size of thick ropes. 

The threat of shitakes still looms over us.  The rain this season has put a damper (quite literally) on mushrooms and so the promised delivery was delayed until later in the season.  This makes D happy since she’s not a fan of fungus but she has agreed to try a risotto should the shrooms ever show up.  I’m looking forward to the chance to try a new dish.

We’re expecting strawberries this week.  An unexpected delight.

  1. linaria says:

    is it possible your giant spring onions (assuming here “spring onions” refers to scallions? I’ve never heard that before, is it regional?) are some other kind of allium species…like leeks? garlic scapes? shallots? what you get in your CSA share may be more interesting and exotic versions of the sterilized-for-the-public pedestrian varieties that your supermarket stocks.

  2. linaria says:

    oh yes, and your watercress problem? try maybe a soup, or you can saute them in a stirfry. they get a little more savory when cooked, some people find it delightful and others think it’s bitter. but those are options.

  3. Dylan says:

    Risotto would be an excellent way to try mushrooms. I enjoy mine with mushrooms, onions, asparagus and some sort of cheese with a sharp bite! I wish I had a place to get some delicious fresh veggies!

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