Peel off the colors

Posted: 22 July 2009 in observations

I could use a seasonal mood ring.  Or maybe a weekly mood ring.   Just now I’ve turned from a greeny sort of waiting to a harried orangy yellow.  Well not just now, more like last night around 10.  There was no reason for it. It isn’t a holiday, or December with its sleepy low light.   Nothing dramatic has physically happened though D and I are going through a few mental machinations that could account for the emotional riot.  I just think I could use something tangible, visual to guide me along.

Oh! I see we’re having a blue week.  Excellent time to make plans with friends.  Looking a little black around the edges? A bit of lemonade on the porch is in order.  Maybe if it were on the inside of my elbow, or a patch just above my hip, I could see the predictions but not have to show the world.  A sort of skin mood ring.  A “it’s a purple day and therefore no, I won’t be attending that sure to overrun meeting” indicator.

I finished reading The Book Thief recently and I was impressed with the author’s depiction of the grim reaper and the reaper’s color sight.  Every person bent to, every soul retrieved, was carried off to a shade in the air.  Rusty browns, silver sharp greys, snowy whites.  I imagine the range was infinite.   If I only got a pigment telegram first thing I expect every morning would hold much more information about the day.   Deep bronze day, lady!  Two cups of coffee this morning!

Well friends, it’s a sort of sour milky yellow late July-early August. Doesn’t that just suck your words away?


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