Posted: 25 July 2009 in the book project

Bedrock.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Antonia.  The Time Traveler’s Wife.  The White City.  I Was Never Here and This Never Happened.  The Agony and The Ecstasy.  Night Mare.  Tales of the City.  The Things They Carried.  The Hollow Hills.  Changeling.  The Road.  The Poisonwood Bible.  Metropolis.  Where the Sidewalk Ends.  Blueberries for Sal.  Kitchen Confidential.

I devoured books growing up.  I took to fantasy and science fiction early, still read childrens books, sank into classics, lingered over queer lit, languished in contemporary novels, and had a brief, wild stint into romance.  I actually stopped reading for awhile.  I got tired of reading the same plot line over and over.  It didn’t matter the genre.  I’m a quick reader and after awhile the sameness was bland and unsatisfying.  I could read fast and move on to the next, promptly forgetting the old characters in favor of new ones that were just like them. But it isn’t the time to go sour on books, now that I have time to read and access to thousands of books I’d like to read.

It was an accident, really.  I asked a friend for a graphic novel reccomendation in hopes that D would take to the comic since one of her first loves is drawing.  While she read that first one over my shoulder (The Watchmen – “Why is that big blue man naked?”  “What’s she doing with that cape?”) I’m the one that tumbled head long into the genre.

I admit, I have comic book roots.  One of the books I’ve had the longest is a Twilight Zone book of four comics that I’ve read over and over, even as an adult.  Roots aside, I can’t put these books down.  These are the cooler, hipper big brothers to the Archie comics, the sons and daughters of Batman and Wonder Woman.  They are rich and inventive, some beautifully illustrated, some painfully smart, most both.  Some of my favorites so far are Allison Bechdel’s compelling autobiography and Fables, a series of fairy tale escapades gone very, very bad.

I can’t reccomend them highly enough, even having to live with disparaging remarks like this one:

Me (trying very hard to wade through The School of Essential Ingredients, well-written but a touch heavy handed and due back to the library this week) Oh, this book is so slow!
D: What?  Can’t read a book without pictures anymore?

Just watch out.  Make sure I don’t sic The Sandman on you.


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