Death Defying Loops

Posted: 14 September 2009 in observations
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When is the last time you’ve ridden a roller coaster?  And how did you feel afterward?  Not just in the woohoo moments when the ride cruises to a stop, but in the day-after moments?

We’re all adults here, you can admit it if you felt like you might die.

D and I went to an amusement park this weekend to shake off some of the last month.  And shake it we did, on teeth-rattling, head-banging, gut-wrenching, twisting and twirling rides.

I didn’t grow up enjoying roller coasters.  I particularly hate the click click click of the cars going up for the first big drop.  The rattling, jostling ride of a wooden roller coaster is a recipe for a skull cracking headache.  But as an adult, I love the rush of the propelled coasters, the smooth steel tracks that zip under and over without the need for a slow initial rise and deep drop.  I love to laugh as the ride shoots through loops and curls and suspends me upside down for a perfect moment.

But let me tell you, we hadn’t been to a park in a couple of years and something about my equilibrium has significantly changed.  The first ride we went on featured a set of twists that just about sent my stomach onto the pavement.  While the rest of the day was terrific, I don’t think we ever really recovered from the nausea courtesy of our first trip.  I’ve definitely felt it in my bones for the last couple of days.  Ouch.

Even in the moment, I think we knew that our inner children had taken a beating.  When I was little, I remember running from ride to ride, insatiable for more excitement, thrilled as the park lights twinkled on and the lines got shorter.  It didn’t matter that we would race from one point to the next just to stand in line or even that we rode the same ride again and again.  It was a matter of cramming as much as possible into the minutes we had left.  It was always time to go too soon.  This time, we arrived shortly after the park opened (but not early enough to beat down the door) and left well before it closed, satisfied and happy, delighted to both have been there and to be wrapping things up.

I never thought I’d want to leave before the park closed.  But oh was I delighted to be home.  People, my bones might be too old for roller coasters, but luckily, my soul isn’t.

  1. Patience says:

    Roller coasters are fabulous, although I confess I prefer the old fashioned wooden variety that make you feel like your vertebrae have been put in a blender.

  2. linaria says:

    ugh. my inner child decided a long time ago that being ripped apart limb by limb (preferably while tied over a railroad track…) would be preferable to being on a rollercoaster, and I support her 100%.

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