Why Am I Awake

Posted: 24 October 2009 in observations
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At 3am.  Again.

I’ve always been a sound sleeper.  Well, “sound”.  Meaning, I went to bed, slept, got up and felt well-rested.  I sleep walk, sleep talk and apparently even sleep kiss my wife.  I suppose this isn’t really sleeping well but I always felt fine.  Lots of reasons for that probably.  But I’ve never been…awake at night.

Like tonight.  I am wide awake.  I’m wide awake at 3 in the morning.  Nothing woke me.  It’s lighter in the house than it normally is.  My grandmother is visiting and the night lights in the hall cast a weird pale light in a streak over the sheets.  It’s warmer than usual also.  It has been drizzling since yesterday and the clouds are trapping the heat on the ground.  I left the dog’s collar on and every. time. he. moved. he jangled.  D is in DC at a rock show, where she always is when she’s away overnight.  Perhaps there are more reasons than I thought.

I try to stay in bed, knowing that the laptop and the computer won’t help me sleep.  I try to meditate.  I try to think sleepy thoughts.  I might as well try to count sheep for all the good it does.  So I get up and go downstairs and watch infomercials or reruns of Chelsea Lately.  You’d think I’d be tired the next day, but usually not.

Is this part of aging?  If so, I’m going to have to start being more productive at night.  Think of all I could get done.


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