National Blog Writing Month

Posted: 1 November 2009 in observations
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Somehow November crept up on me.  I suppose it’s only fair to say that October and September did too.  It’s been lovely, fall in a new house.  We’re been watching the leaves flash a most beautiful red and yellow.  Some folks say it has been a brighter fall than usual, but I can’t tell the difference from last year.  Our old neighborhood was heavy on the dogwoods – young ones that turned a sullen purply red.  This neighborhood has old oaks and cottonwoods (along with a few grown dogwoods) that have lit up the sky.  Late October is one of my favorite times of year.

This is National Blog Writing Month followed by Holidailies in December.  I’ve managed to write nearly every day in these two months for the last two years (Nov. 1 posts here and here) without much fanfare.  So consider this a statement of intent and an invitation to join me.  I’m not necessarily brilliant for 61 days, but I’m company at least!

  1. meloukhia says:

    Late to the comment party! I always enjoy reading you during Holidailies. (NaBloPoMo is so sprawling and out of control I can’t keep up with it anymore.)

    Also…LOVE the new look. (Which is probably not that new…)

    • backlist says:

      thank you – you might have noticed I’ve given up on this month at any rate. sometimes life gets the better of you. Holidailies though, I’ll be back for that.

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