Things Are Going Downhill

Posted: 6 November 2009 in bitter old woman
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Two days before guests come, the dog throws the contents of his stomach all over the house.  He uses his mouth and the rest of his orifaces to decorate our walls and carpets with the stinking perfume of intestinal distress.

Two days.

I know, that’s what you wanted to read today.  You thought, gee, maybe I’ll just get online for a second and maybe there will be something to read about bitter old woman, or better, inflatable lawn jesuses.   I’d like to point out that I am no longer the number one search result for said jesuses.  People, you’re slacking.

Although, come to think of it, maybe you aren’t slacking since a number of you are getting here by searching “describing indira gandhi”.  Nice to see I’ve moved past inflatable religious characters but can’t seem to dig my way out of dog shit.  Welcome to my world.


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