Posted: 12 November 2009 in observations


One Sense of Humor.  Possibly abducted by a pack of threatening grey Rain Clouds skulking around the city and pissing on everything.  Wanted in connection with the case: A bad Attitude wearing a black ski mask and driving slowly in a paneled van, a large quantity of Dog Hair seen seeping into every corner, a menacing pile of unwashed Laundry, a shifty Obsessive Streak, an Emotional Mess lurking in the shadows and a Personality Both Panicked and Apathetic.  The latter is considered armed and very dangerous.

Sense of Humor last seen quivering in a back alley under the glare of one Short Fuse and his accomplice Fruitless Frustration.  No reward has been offered for its safe return, given the owner’s current tightfisted behavior and worrisome penny-pinching.  Also possible that Sense of Humor has run away from home.  No one in the home would be surprised.

  1. Arcturus says:

    This weather would affect anybody that way. Since when did hurricane remnants take this long to pass by? Three days and counting…it’s enough to make the best of us a bit loopy.

  2. Patience says:

    I couldn’t have got too far, since this post is so funny!

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