Acupunture? Go!

Posted: 6 December 2009 in observations
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One of the benefits of acupuncture has been the decrease of migraines and nightmares.  I know!  Exactly what it was supposed to do!  I’m not at the point where I’m giving my first-born over to the gods of chinese medicine, but I’m pretty impressed at the steady decrease of symptoms.

Who wouldn’t be thrilled not to wake up screaming anymore?  No more bugs in the sheets, no more skittering on the wall, no more opening doors where there are none, no more shaking and crying.  Can you believe I’m such a joy to sleep with?  My wife, she’s a saint.  My dreams have still been vivid and often unpleasant but the midnight jaunts are down to a bare minimum.  I woke up in the kitchen a week ago, but that’s the extent of it.

The migraines are dwindling.  It’s okay to fall over dead.  It’s practically a miracle.  Maybe it’s just a good month, but considering I’ve had headaches every day in December for the last. two. years. I think I’m doing pretty well so far.  Acupuncture being holistic and all that, it wasn’t surprising when the practitioner asked me if there was something else happening around the holidays that might be causing it and truthfully, I just don’t know.  Maybe this season will be illuminating.

The sessions themselves have all been different.  Though she’s mostly sticking places on my feet and belly (and sometimes head) the sensations vary from floating – one of the best – to making my hands drip with sweat – one of the weirdest.  Sometimes it hurts for a second.  The day she pricked my third eye I felt like my face was on fire.  For a week.  Sometimes it’s like a deep ringing in my center.  Often I can’t feel the needles at all.  The feet?  Not so comfortable.  All you folks with ankle tattoos?  Impressive.

I’m going to stick with it for another month since it seems to be helping.  We could all use the sleep around here and I’m enjoying being able to see on a regular basis.  Who’d have thought?


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