Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Posted: 10 December 2009 in observations
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One of the great things about Charlottesville is the proximity of everything to where you are right now.  That’s a generalization, of course, but on days like today it seems true.  Work is within biking distance from my house (though I admit we drove today.  Okay, we drive everyday.  But I biked twice.  In the summer.  And then it was too hot.) and the parking garage is a short walk from work.  Between work and the garage is a restaurant.  And, amazingly, it’s a restaurant that we like that isn’t too expensive and doesn’t make us sick.  I would go every day if I could.

In fact, we don’t go as often as we could.  Usually we go for a weekend breakfast and, very occasionally, we stop in for lunch.  With the small staff, there’s always a welcoming smile.  At the risk of sounding a bit Cheers, it’s the most friendly, comfortable place in our radius.  Despite not being there every week, the host always has a chat with us and a couple of the wait staff have memorized drink orders for us.  There are a ton of other restaurants to enjoy, but not all are within walking distance and almost none make us feel like friends.

I’ve never had a place like this and I’ve always wanted one.  Mostly, I’ve lived in big cities with anonymous life.  Not a big drinker, so there’s never been a local bar.  I’m too shy to form relationships at convenience stores or markets.  If something was within walking distance to both work and home, it was a fast food restaurant or a gun shop.  Hey, I’ve lived in some interesting places.  As a bonus here, one of the staff is gay, coupled and at a similar place in life.  That’s like buried treasure, y’all.

So Charlottesville, I know I’ve given you a hard time about your shopping mall and your weird socio-economic strata but I promise to never sass you about your southern hospitality.  It’s nice to be home.

  1. hannah says:

    After moving around for a while (whether a year or ten, domestically or internationally), it’s nice to have that place where you have some roots. I’ve found it my neighborhood in DC – they know my drink and burger order, and they know they don’t have to card me anymore.

    Welcome home.

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