Gift Giving

Posted: 21 December 2009 in observations
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This gift giving season has been an awkward one for us.  The people we like to give gifts to need things we can’t always give – groceries, elder care, a job, a visit from social services.  We’re doing our best by providing toys, a weekend away from chaos, food and fresh fruit, and fun when there hasn’t been any.  At some points we felt awkward about picking something not specifically asked for and at others we were elated to have stumbled on a stroke of gifting genius.  Either way, we ended the day today happily confident we’d ended up more on the side of the latter than the former.

Somehow, we’ve let gifts for each other slide.  We usually reserve bigger gifts for birthdays but this year we agreed to get one thing that we’ve wanted but was too expensive to justify generally.  But you know, in the end it really was too expensive to justify and we can completely live without it.  So that leaves us with nothing to give to each other.  We’re both feeling it in the same way – I wish I had something to wrap and give to her.  It isn’t really a holiday without seeing her face light up.

I’m stuck though.  The things she wants are things she should pick out, costly, or intangible (and the same goes for me).  I like to give her things she didn’t even know she wanted but I’m stumped this year.  It’s not the end yet, we’re still mulling it over.  The bottom line – I’m surprised that buying a shiny new mutual gift couldn’t replace the joy of seeing her open something I’ve picked especially for her.  But it’s nice.


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