Shirley Temples

Posted: 25 December 2009 in observations
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Shirley Temple

Fill glass halfway with ice
Pour lemony-limey soda onto ice
Top off with a tablespoon or two of grenadine
Add one maraschino cherry
Serve, drink.

We had a fantastic dinner last night at a local high-end southern restaurant.  The atmosphere was perfect.  For someone with splitting headaches, finding the careful balance of ceiling lights, spotlights and candlelight is a precarious undertaking.  Fortunately, there was nothing to interfere with my fantastic biscuits with honey, shrimp and grits or ribs.

The booth was cozy and under a heat vent – completely welcome on a chilly night.  The air was cheery; chatter from the bar, low conversation from leather booths, clinking glasses and soft gusts from the swinging door.  Normally, we’d have some inventive alcoholic beverage, but given we’re awaiting Vega’s* June arrival, we went virgin for this holiday.  Suits me, that’s one less headache trigger to worry about.  Neither she nor I could think of any virgin drinks to try aside from the super fruity ones, so I ordered a pair of Shirley Temples.  I know, how 7 yrs old.  We didn’t know what was in them but they were delicious nonetheless.

It was a perfect cap to a fantastic Christmas Eve.


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