Posted: 28 December 2009 in observations
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Every morning I wake up disappointed that it isn’t spring.  Since last week, I’ve been cracking open one eye and measuring the light.  It’s dim.  It’s always dim.  But I convince myself it’s early.  Everyone is sleeping, it must be very early.  I listen for the birds and I don’t hear anything.  The birds would be tweeting wildly if it was lighter, less cloudy.  If it was spring.  I’m not convinced yet.  I take a deep breath and stretch every muscle, feeling for a dry chill in the air, hoping that instead my toes and fingers will push into liquid humidity, warm sunshine, lazy dust motes.

It isn’t spring.  I know that by the musty heat I’m breathing in.  The way the sky peeps through the blinds looking overcast regardless of the hour.  The birds are silent.  Still, I lay there for an extra minute and squeeze my eyes shut, hoping that when I open them I’ll see green grass and feel heat on the window pane.  It hasn’t worked yet.  I’ll keep trying for a few months.  I suspect, with some dedication, I’ll eventually wish things warm.

  1. BabyMamaToo says:

    I am right there, wishing with you!

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