Option D

Posted: 30 December 2009 in observations
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Our dog is two years old.  Two and half years old.  He doesn’t blatantly destroy things anymore.  In fact, he really never destroyed very valuable things.  Once, a library book.  My wife’s croc has several puncture wounds.  But in general, he prefers to steal and then run, prancing, around the house so that we’ll notice HOW BAD HE IS.

So now when he takes something we try one of three tactics.  A) we tell him firmly “No!  Leave it!” and “Drop!”, B) we chase him, shrieking, around the house, or C) we ignore him until he comes to see why we’re ignoring him.  You can see why it might be confusing for him.  But honestly, he’s a pretty good dog and I feel pretty comfortable leaving things out on tables and countertops.

You can see where this is going though, can’t you?  Tonight he stole my snow boot and I addressed it through option C.  Earlier, he tried to take my supper and flat stole my wife’s shirt.  To be honest, we had already used up options A and B by 7pm.  So I let him have it (the boot).  I only had a few more things to drop in the wash and I was going to take it back.  Really, it was about 45 seconds.  And I came around the corner and he’d taken a giant piece out of my boot.

He ate my boot.  In 45 seconds.  I’m pretty sure that calls for response D, only, I’m not sure what that is.  What’s done is done though.  I hope there’s no more snow this winter…

  1. Sarah says:

    I’d love to know who’s the pack leader in your house…woof!

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