Dire Predictions

Posted: 31 December 2009 in observations
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Well, according to Igor Panarin, we are in some trouble here.  Among his dire predictions for 2010: civil war, national disintegration and, worst of all, moral degradation (reputable, but longer, Wall Street Journal article here). That’s right folks, this former KGB analyst is terribly concerned about the moral degradation of the United States starting very, very shortly.

I dredged up this article while looking for appropriately apocalyptic tales with which to regale you.  It is the end of the decade, after all.  Other stunning possibilities for 2010: an attempt to clone a “famous person”(at least the article didn’t say famous celebrity); Rupert Murdoch will block Google’s access to his news sites (say goodbye to free news, freedom of information and equality in access to information and hello to an even wider information gap that shows a bias toward wealth, first world residency and education among other things); World War III (images of destruction); and, the ever worrisome 5% tax on cosmetic surgery.

I haven’t got any of my own predictions for 2010, but I’m certainly counting on a brighter year than this.

  1. Patience says:

    Oh, the dire predictions. As if the fates care about the number on our calendars. Back in the early ’90s, I saw a TV show about predictions that showed a “map” of what the US would look like in the year 2000–the Great Lakes were mostly dried up and I believe the East and West coasts were located along the longitudes of Pittsburg and Denver, respectively.

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