Time Warp

Posted: 1 February 2010 in observations
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Today I looked at the clock and it was, disappointingly, only 2:00.  2pm which is practically 8am.  And it was Monday, which really, is as bad as a Sunday night on the 1st of February which, for all it matters, might as well be a year without summer.

February is my least favorite month because it sucks all the hope out of spring and spits it on the pavement.  The icy, awful pavement.

I tried to think positively about this weekend’s (and next weekends) snowy freeze. But even rationalizing that the melting water will be good for the plants doesn’t help because that reminds me that nothing good is coming back this year. Hostas, yes, and ivy, but they might as well be weeds. Useless weeds, not even healing weeds.

I miss my old house where my friends lived next door and bluebells and bleeding hearts surged every summer. and someone else shoveled the damn walk.


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