Yoo Hoo!

Posted: 31 March 2011 in observations

Well then, I stepped out for a year.

Things that make the internet like real life:
Sometimes everyone talks at once.
Folks like to look at pictures of themselves.
There’s Crazy Aunt Cindy in the corner ranting about how no one understands.

Then there are the things that make the internet not at all like real life.  Primarily:
No one calls the police when you’ve been missing for a year.

In fact, it’s okay to go missing, we just move on.  Let me tell you though, I miss you.  For better or for worse, I think of folks I used to read, but there are no Internet Police to call.  So I forgive you for letting me slip away.

Right.  Moving forward.  I’ve carried on my monologue over at Counting Chickens for the last year but I’ve missed being a grown-up.  So I’m pulling the sheets off of the sofa and rinsing the windows.  The direction here will likely carry on as aimlessly as usual which doesn’t capture me many readers but lets me be as unfocused as I like.   On the plus side, I suspect the voyeuristic sorts I gathered when exposed at my former job have long since gone, except of course, if they haven’t.  Then, clearly, they’re the solid sort and are welcome to stay.

Excellent.  Onward ho!



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