Diagnosis: Melanoma. Prognosis: Excellent.

Posted: 28 July 2011 in you've got to be kidding
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Awesomely, I am cancer-free.  I’d call for a hallelujah but I’m not religious like that.  Oh come on, HALLELUJAH!

After hacking most of my arm off (no, not really) at the end of June and taking the sentinel lymph nodes to task for falling asleep on the job, I got a clean bill of health, well, at least as far as that no-good-piece-of-crap cancer is concerned.

The scar is nasty – pic at the bottom for you ewwwing pleasure – but I’m posting it as a service.  When they say “wide excision” and your general practice doc says “you’ll be a bit disfigured” and “your career, ha, as an arm model is out the door!” she’s actually NOT KIDDING.

So melanoma patients: I was a scaredy cat.  I read the survival rates online, got the shit scared out of me and ran for the hills.  I relied on my surgeon and dermatologist to provide the information about the cancer and methods of treatment.  That worked for me.  I DID try to research what a “wide excision of the arm” would look like with little luck.  I need more pictures people!  So it’s a public service to all you other searchers.  Look.

So, to recap, that mid-may diagnosis of melanoma turned out to be The Real McCoy but I am now cancer-free.  The follow-up for me is dermatologist visits every six months and the oncologist for chest x-rays and blood work once a year.  I can’t quite believe I’m a cancer patient, albeit the very best sort.  My last words on the topic?  You’re not too young to get it so get yourself to a skin-check.  It’s worth the 15 minutes of being stared at with a magnifying glass.  And some of you might enjoy that!

  1. figgymommy says:

    So so SO glad to hear that you’re cancer-free now. Oof.

    That is one BITCHIN’ scar, though.

  2. Patience says:

    Wow, I am so glad you are cancer-free. My sister, at the age of 24, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, on her left upper arm. She had a wide excision like you, and now, thirteen years later, she remains cancer-free and her scar has become much less noticeable. Congratulations and I wish you many years of good health. 🙂

  3. Rock on for being cancer free! I think it’s about time I check on this, seeing as many members of my mom’s family have lost their lives to melanoma. Definitely, definitely better safe than sorry, and best of all to be exactly where you are. *cheer*

    • meridith says:

      Fortunately, getting checked is a pretty short visit. I’m a doctor-phobe in general and I don’t even mind the derm. It’s just not something I ever found time to do!

  4. Linsey says:

    Oh my god, I’m glad you’re alright…and HOLY CRAP that scar is badass.

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