Plus One

I’ve gone through bits and pieces of my life where I’ve thought, I need a separate place for this.  When I was growing up, I journaled constantly.  I have books filled with writing evolving from childhood printing to rushed, college script.  Even in hardcover, I had different types of journals.  I had one just for collages and pictures.  Life through art.  A couple of spiral notebooks just for poetry (alternately anguished and tortured).  A hand-bound book for writing about travel and another made of banana leaves that never successfully found a path because the pages were too rough to write on.  One particularly adult tome has a little lock, though I’m afraid the thoughts inside don’t merit the secrecy.

I deeply enjoy writing for an audience, no matter how limited.  So I moved from scrawled ballpoint to tapping fingertips.  In order to keep the honesty, I occasionally catch myself worrying that the thought du jour doesn’t have a place on this site.  So, like an electronic litterbug, I launch off to start a new blog.  Each new site has its own topic and I relish the freedom to write obsessively about particular topics without boring you to tears.

Almost exclusively, those blogs fizzle out after a month or two and a few dozen posts.  Sometimes, it’s because the topic fades off, but usually, it’s because I realize that I haven’t said anything there that I wouldn’t have said to you, here.  I’m startled at how honest I’ve been sometimes.  I forget that you already know about my occasionally fragile mental health and my varied predilections.  This time though, I’ve a new place to invite you to.

There is one aspect of life which I’m choosing not to integrate here.  Mommy blogging is admirable, but it isn’t what I’m about.  I’m crazy, quirky, honest and enjoy variety.  Blogging about having a child is particularly sane and single-minded.  Two things which I am not.  There’s also the additional question of what you share with your child when he or she gets old enough to care that you’ve been writing about him on the internet.  You may want to turn over gigs of information about his first steps and first car accident, but you probably don’t want her to read about the time(s) mommy went crazy.

So if you’re interested, you can read about our future kid at  I’m not promising to keep all child related posts from here (you never know when he might want his very own inflatable jesus) but it will guarantee two things: one, you won’t get a blog you thought was one thing taking a 180 into something else (I’m looking at you, all the blogs I used to read that are now baby central) and two, I’ll get to keep direct line to what’s on my mind without a filter.

It’s there, if you want it.

  1. Sarah says:

    Found your journal through Holidailies. Go ahead and jump from topic to topic to your heart’s content. I’ll keep up and love every minute of it.

    I find baby blogging (diapers, first solid food, goo-goo and da-da) utterly boring–unless it’s my own child (who’s now grown) or the child of good friends. How many times can you ooh and aah over cuteness? (Answer: not often enough to keep mama satiated.)

    Looking forward to future entries! Best wishes for 2010.

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