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This has been a rough spring.  It’s the end of a long haul really.  We’ve reached every pie-in-the-sky goal we set for ourselves in the last three years.  I think we’re both floundering a bit in the mix of moving chaos and rudderless navigation.  Suddenly I’ve switched from multi-year plans to very simple ambitions.

Stop the spiders.
Prevent raw sewage from entering the house.
Serve dinner for my wife on the porch.
Unpack the kitchen.

So far, I have accomplished none of these things (and not doing them is taking much longer than I thought).  I’m on the second leg of a two week vacation and while I feel mentally well-rested, I don’t feel as though I’ve been on vacation.  Perhaps this is the problem with “staycations”.  Not going anywhere has left the days blending into one another.

I’m staring down four more days alone and a mountain of boxes.  I can do it, right?