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Adam Duritz v. Rivers Cuomo

Posted: 10 May 2005 in music, work
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I learned that Counting Crows replaced Weezer to sing the Shrek 2 intro song Accidentally in Love. I don’t know what Weezer would have come up with to sing but I’m thrilled that Rivers Cuomo was too busy meditating to chip in for two reasons. 1) I secretly enjoy the line: “these lines of lightning mean we’re never alone” and 2) Beverly Hills, Weezer’s latest contribution, though addicting, is airwave pollution. I’m not claiming Accidentally in Love is Counting Crows best work and I don’t listen to it in my spare time, but I’m for as much exposure for this band as possible.

Bonus points if you, too, are subjected to Shrek 2 between 3 and 4 in the morning. I recommend this if are in a miserable Shrek 2 v. 3am situation. Some of the 2004 posts are little gems.


Playing Out

Posted: 24 April 2005 in music

D’s band has begun doing more out of town shows lately. This weekend, they played a show in Virginia Beach, about 3 hours away. Somehow we managed to work it out so I could dodge shift work long enough to go with her (along with all the other girlfriends), stay the night, and come back in time for work the next day. It was amazing.

I didn’t grow up going to concerts and my family never listened to much music. When I first was in college, my mother was appalled the discover that I owned more than 5 cds. The awful part was that it took me more than a year to acquire five cds – one of which was free. Throughout high school, I listened to the radio a lot and once turned down an invitation to a concert flat out because I had never been to one before and didn’t think live music would be all that different than the tape in my walkman. I know, you don’t have to tell me. Somewhere post-five cds, music swallowed me up. I went to concerts, bought discs, obsessed over new video releases on VH1 (think Michael Jackson’s Remember the Time), and surrounded myself with sound. I love live music, and have since the first show I saw (Depeche ModeViolater). So, I came to music late, but I got here eventually.

Although they’ve done out of town shows before, I’ve never been able to come along and I assumed that we’d get to Virginia Beach, get into our hotel rooms and then the band would be glued at the hips until and after they played. I assumed I was in for an exhausting overnight, a long wait at the venue until they went on and then some sort of after gathering, drinking, etc. I assumed we’d see a lot of each other – like it would be more of an adventure than routine. I underestimated how professional the band is.

D and I arrived first and picked up the keys for everyone. The drummer (think hip, sex, rock) stopped by first to pick up his key and install his girlfriend (think tiny, long hair, sexy, exotic) and her little not-permitted dog into their room, followed shortly after by the lead guitarist (think cool, music nerd) and his wife (think perfect, young, uptight), while the bass player stayed with friends and family elsewhere. After jaunts to get dinner, beer, etc. while the wives/gfs napped/showered/got ready, the band went to load in then came back to get dinner and gear up for the show. While we all headed out to the venue at about the same time, it was still a very congenial, independent operation. The show rocked, the band was on, and it was one of the better performances they’ve had lately. The wives/gfs stayed together for the most part, all beaming smiles and domestic pride. I felt less like a groupie than usual and more like…support staff.

Afterward, there was autograph signing, breaking down equipment etc. and general hanging out on the band’s high. As usual, the drummer and gf stayed to listen to the follow up bands while the rest of us headed back, separately, to our hotel rooms. The next morning, after lots of boring details, D and I stopped by their rooms after packing ourselves up to give them check out details. It was funny/amazing/weird to see her bandmates in the morning, hotel rooms a disaster, after-show mellow, and in the case of the drummer and his gf, dripping wet in a towel from the shower. We headed back to Washington separately, happily.

I don’t mean to imply that the band isn’t friendly. They are. They love each other, the significant others love each other, we love spending time together. But, I assumed that they wouldn’t behave like a pro band on tour, when in fact, they did just that. They didn’t act like 18yr olds away from home in a hotel for the first time, they were there to put on a show, earn their spot and entertain. They are consummate professionals.

While I fully expect the band to get bigger, better, and tour eventually, I never imagined I would be a part of the lifestyle profiled in Rolling Stone, Blender etc. No matter what the future of Honeychuck, I feel like I’ve been on tour. I’ve seen them rock like any professional band away from home and I was impressed.