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The Crap.

Posted: 26 May 2006 in joy, school, the fantastic
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You’ve had it haven’t you? The weeks or months when it feels like everything is too wrong, too backward, too falling down around your ears?

This, dear reader, is one of those weeks. I had meant to write about The Stirrups (again) or perhaps my disastrous co-worker, or maybe my sister’s impending move-in and the sharply decreasing rate of good sex as a result. I meant to ask you if you had anything called “pre-cancer” and if you felt like you caused it somehow. Or maybe you know how to effectively silence an argumentative lawyer. I was certain you’d have suggestions for how to do loud things…you know…softly from behind thin doors. But instead, I’m going to share two wonderful things.

I was awarded two! scholarships for my graduate program. This means I can be a librarian one-third cheaper than I could have before, even if I can’t spell scholarship right the first time. And, I’ve discovered possibly the best outlet for any hint of OCD I might have contracted from D. Oh yes, it’s my own personal cataloguing system…LibraryThing.

Bonus points if you too spend time checking your editions.


In a fit of PFLAG pride, the VVM sent me a link to the University of Arizona’s new domestic partner policies. I’m glad to see a prestigious, state-run university outside of Wisconsin (to be fair, I’m just surprised it’s in Arizona) embrace domestic partnerships. I think it requires an exceptional amount of good faith, especially since most domestic partnerships don’t have any paperwork to prove themselves. Cynically, I’m quite certain the UofA can afford the few frauds they may get by setting up this policy, but optimistically, I hope it’s a sign of good things to come.

I have to wonder though, was the VVM trying to lure me back to the West? Sneaky!

Bonus points if you, too, have been ambushed by a family member trying to circle the wagons.

I realize I can’t do everything at once. But, god, do I want to. I want to go to New Orleans. I want to have both a Saturday and Sunday off. I want to have sex with my wife (who doesn’t, really?). I want to go get my PhD. In Philosophy. In Anthropology. In Global Policy. Or a MFA. I want to publish a novel. A book of photos. A story. I want to be sleeping. I want to ride a roller coaster. I want to be brilliant and talented and funny.


At this point, I’d settle for even one of those. Preferably the one involving my wife.