I’m forgetful, realistic, ditsy, blue-eyed, a perfectionist, a planner, single-minded, blonde, limping, freckled, pale, serious, curious, curiouser, married, passionate, left-handed, interested, with one bent toe, former Foreign Service Officer, formerly pierced, tattooed, excitable, pensive, psychic, with an up-turned nose, a whistler, a hummer, a song maker-upper, a cook, an experimenter, quiet, worrywart, queer, with a callous on left index finger, a writer, a reader, a doodler of boxes and flowers, a traveler, a birder, a librarian, a dog owner, a beach lover, a sister, a farmer’s market devotee, an explorer, a photographer, inquisitive, a video game player, a video game quitter, occasionally anxious, sometimes lazy, frequently frenetic, a crossword starter, a Buddhabyterian, a pop music sucker, and an unvarnished truth teller.

  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like you’re a closet Unitarian Universalist!

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